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Campus y Escuelas

Bachelor in International Business (BIB)

Sensitive to the international environment, the graduate is capable of managing international trade operations, analyzing opportunities from free trade agreements, and international markets, and planning and executing activities that add value to org

Bachelor of Financial Management (BFI)

The Bachelor in Financial Management masters analytical and practical skills in Security Market Analysis, Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Investment within a framework of ethical and social responsibility.

Bachelor in Marketing (BM)

Through a solid formation in marketing intelligence and technological management, international marketing graduates can obtain relevant consumer information, analyze new consumption habit trends, and develop branding strategies through integrated mar

B.S. Industrial Engineering with minor in Systems Engineering (BIE)

BIE is a program that prepares individuals with a solid base in mathematics and natural sciences.

B.S. Mechatronics Engineering (BME)

A B.S. Mechatronic Engineer is a professional with wide, practical and multidisciplinary knowledge. He is capable of understanding the functions of the mechanical, electrical, electronic and computational components in the industrial processes