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You can study in Campus Estado de México if your current university has an international exchange program with Tecnológico de Monterrey. Our campus is a wonderful place to spend part of your college education.  Our programs allow you to apply to study for a semester, one year or a summer session.
In order to ensure that you are registered for courses that meet your Spanish speaking skills, Tecnológico de Monterrey provides a Spanish Placement Test prior to your arrival. Although there are courses taught in English.
With optimal infrastructure to promote research, arts, sports, technology innovations, and knowledge, Tecnológico de Monterrey stands as a world-class academic excellence institution of higher education.
Estado de México is situated within the exciting metropolitan area of Mexico City.  As a result, Estado de Mexico is home to diverse cultural and entertainment events.
Estado de México does represent a magnificent option it has important archaeological zones since it was the site of many cultures, which left a trace of them as outstanding civilizations.
In Estado de México are special sites where alpinism, horseback riding, aquatic sports can be practiced, as well as hot springs and architectonic jewels from different ages.


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Peru, France, Germany, Colombia, Holland, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, England, United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Czech Republic, Chile, Venezuela, Morocco, Turkey, Canada, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Norway.

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Dirección de Internacionalización
Diversify your mind
Teléfonos: 5864-5892, 5864 5893 y 5864-5555 extensión 3124 y 3554
Horario de atención: lunes a viernes de 8 a 17 h 
Ubicación: Aulas III, planta baja 
Correo electrónico: 





Correo electrónico


Dra. Ana Esther Gutiérrez Robles

Head of International office/
                  Directora de Internacionalización


Lic. Araceli González Yépez

Exchange and Study Abroad Advisor / Coordinadora de estudios en el extranjero





Lic. Karla Rodríguez

Exchange and Study Abroad Advisor / Asesora de estudios en el extranjero



Ing. Jonathan Valdez Aguilar



Exchange and Study Abroad Advisor / Asesor de estudios en el extranjeroj.valdez@itesm.mx5892

Lic. Víctor Genaro Sepúlveda

Foreign Students Coordinator/ Coordinador de alumnos internacionales



Laura Elizabeth Arroyo Rodríguez

Internationalization Assistant / Secretaria de Internacionalización




Fax de Internacionalización


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