Graduate Admissions

In its endeavor to attract the best talent, Tecnológico de Monterrey has defined an admissions process that is a strong predictor of our students’ professional potential.  Diverse components are evaluated, such as academic background, admissions exam results, etc.

The Admissions Committee of the graduate program of your choice will review your academic and professional achievements in order to identify the qualities needed to drive an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to ethics and citizenship, and the global vision required to compete in any setting on an international level.

In order to participate in our graduate programs, follow the steps described in the next sections. The documents that the Admissions Committee will review include:

  • Grade average
  • Score on the Graduate Studies Admission Test (PAEP)
  • Résumé
  • Essay
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Interview
  • TOEFL score

All these components help the Admissions Committee to find out more about your profile and, in this way, to invite the human talent with the best skills for a particular graduate program and who demonstrate that they share our Institution’s values.

The decision of the graduate Admissions Committee is final. Since the selection process is private and confidential, Tecnológico de Monterrey does not disclose to applicants the reasons for offering or denying admission.

On admitting a candidate, the graduate Admissions Committee will issue a document with the result and provide you with information about the matriculation process.

The Graduate Studies Admission Test (PAEP) assesses the students’ academic potential, considering their abilities in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, cognitive skills, writing and English. Some of the Campuses and Schools offer PAEP preparation workshops.

Click here for the PAEP study guide, which offers examples of the type of questions you will have to answer.