Business and Management

Business management is required to lead and run an efficient and effective organization in the knowledge economy, coordinate human capital, and manage technology and resources through innovation in business processes. The new business environment requires companies with models that promote efficiency, profitability and the competitive position of organizations nationally and internationally.

DCA  Ph. D. Business Administration 

DCF  Ph. D. Financial Science


Health is the basis of human welfare. Effective healthcare is possible through prevention and treatment of diseases, management of health systems, the use, generation and maintenance of medical technology, scientific development in the fields of genome and genetic recombination, and the development of new tools and biological techniques.

DCL  Ph. D. Program in Clinical Sciences


Education as a field of study allows for reflection on the country's educational problems and seeks to find solutions through the application of new approaches to science education and educational technology aimed at fostering better learning environments.

DEE  Ph. D. Educational Innovation

Government and Public Policy

Communication, the information media and journalistic expressions are areas of human activity through which they socialize the culture, politics and daily life issues. Communication and journalism can study how messages are produced, used and interpreted in different contexts, mass media and cultures, in order to offer products and communicatives and information services that improve social life.

DDP  Ph. D. Law
DPP  Ph. D. Public Policy

Social Sciences and Humanities

The humanities and social sciences allow critical analysis of social and cultural processes that are directly related to the configuration of the world. Through the study of human behavior, power and its operation in public decision-making, the international community, and language in literary and social events, it is possible to propose alternatives to collective problems.

DEH  Ph. D. Humanistic Studies
DDP  Ph. D. Law
DPP  Ph. D. Public Policy
DCS  Ph. D. Social Sciences

Architecture and Engineering

Engineering makes it possible, through science and mathematics, to generate solutions to specific problems, to improve the quality of life of people through efficient use of available resources and to consider the implications of using technology promote sustainable development. 

DCI  Ph. D. Engineering Sciences
DBT  Ph. D. Biotechnology
DII  Ph. D. Industrial Engineering

Electronics and Information Technology

Information and electronic technologies enable computing and communication devices which can be used in applications that meet needs and solve problems. Information and electronic technologies solve problems by using principles embedded in mathematics and computer systems and electronics development.

DCC  Ph. D. Computer Sciences

DTC  Ph. D. Information Technology and Communications