Residence Halls

Tecnológico de Monterrey provides residence halls service in some of its campuses to its students. Their mission is to provide housing within an appropriate environment that will augment their quality of life through the use of supplementary programs geared towards a comprehensive development. These programs are of a varying nature and encompass realms such as: academic, athletic, social and cultural.

The Tecnológico de Monterrey campuses that offer residence halls housing are those located in:

One definitive advantage that Residence Halls has is in their installations since generally speaking each building (segregated by gender) relies on open common areas for socialization, study and recreation such as:

Students may find in their own rooms all of the furniture they might need for their own individual comfort, which may vary from one building to another, but in general it encompasses:

Other advantages of living in Residence Halls that students might not find so easily elsewhere are:

Some additional services provided by residence halls are:

- Guard service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
- Secure taxi service
- Security escort service for female residents that wish to leave the campus between 20:00 and 24:00 hours

- Each building has a tutor who is also a member of Tecnológico de Monterrey faculty who is always available to residents.
- On-going organization of athletic and cultural events for resident integration
- Annual excursions to regional highlights such as museums and parks
- Annual sport tournaments
- Medical service available 24hours a day.

- Academic counseling provided by students complying with scholarship service.
- Awards for the highest Grade Point Average during each exam period
- National and International events for experiential exchange with universities from Texas, California and Virginia.
- Basic cable system in all rooms.
- Internet node availability for each of the room occupants.

Additionally, Residence Halls organize and promote special activities such as:

For further information students must contact the campus of their choice.