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Students Privacy Notice

Identity and address of the Responsible Entity

The Responsible Entity of the personal information that you provide is El Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (hereinafter “ITESM”) domiciled at Av. Eugenio Garza Sada Sur No. 2501, colonia Tecnológico in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Zip code 64849.

Personal information and sensitive personal information handled by ITESM

ITESM as part of its student records will gather and handle personal identification information, personal contact information, personal work information, personal information about the physical appearance, personal academic information, personal property information, personal financial information, and personal biometric information.

Likewise, we inform you that in order to comply with the primary and necessary purposes set out in this Notice, ITESM will gather and handle the following sensitive personal information: personal health information, personal ideological information, personal information about political views. We inform you that the purpose of ITESM’s handling of such sensitive personal information is ITESM’s compliance with the obligations derived from our legal relationship with you. We undertake to handle such information under strict security measures, always guaranteeing their confidentiality.

Furthermore, we inform you that ITESM will gather and handle personal identification information, personal contact information, personal work information and personal property information of your family members and/or third parties related to you, as necessary to comply with the primary and necessary purposes of our legal relationship with you. In this way, This way, by providing the personal necessary information related to your family members and/or third parties, you aknowledge to have their consent for ITESM to handle such information in order to comply with the primary and necessary purposes set out in this Notice.

Primary purposes

ITESM will handle your personal information for the following primary and necessary purposes, in order to comply with our obligations derived from our legal relationship with you:

  • To provide you all services and perform all activities as necessary for the academic and extracurricular development and contribute to the comprehensive formation.
  • To evaluate and inform you about the academic and extracurricular performance.
  • To give you knowledge of the highest ethical, scientific, cultural, technological and profesional level.
  • To grant you financial aid, scholarships and/or loans, subject to commpliance with the applicable requirements.
  • To send you information regarding school and administrative affairs.
  • To enter you in programs linked with foreign universities.
  • To create a student profile and assign you a (registration number).
  • To identify you in the application of exams.
  • To assign you and/or select housing.
  • To manage your school stay in ITESM.
  • To manage your access to ITESM’s facilities.
  • To manage your electronic access to the technological systems and infrastructure of ITESM.
  • To contact your family members or third party contacts in case of an emergency.
  • To hire and/or cancel the necessary insurance.
  • To make weekly, monthly and yearly reports.
  • For invoicing and collecting processes, as applicable.
  • For the registration and accreditation of the community and/or professional social service.
  • For programs regarding accident prevention; nutrition; psychological aid; medical exams.
  • To make identifications.
  • To purchase and buy certificates.
  • To validate and accreditation of studies, as well as to perform all necessary procedures with the corresponding school authorities.
  • To enter you in events and/or extracurricular activities in which you take part representing ITESM.
  • To have a medical file and control of medicines and special health needs that you may have, and to know if you are in physical conditions to carry out sports and/or other necessary activities.

Secondary purposes

Additionally, ITESM will use your personal information for the following purposes, which are not necessary for the services requested, but will allow and facilitate us to provide better attention:

  • To send you promotional information about courses, certificates, seminaries, symposiums, extracurricular workshops and events.
  • To use and disclose your personal image (photograph, video, etc.) in the making of informational and promotional materials.
  • To disseminate congratulations and other celebrations and special dates, as well as acknowledgement of outstanding achievements.
  • To apply surveys and evaluations to improve the quality of the products and services that we offer.
  • To handle your profile in our jobs bank.
  • To perform studies about consumption habits.
  • To promote the academic, research, and extension life, sports, cultural, recreational and social events carried out by ITESM.
  • To send you advertisements and communications with marketing, tele-marketing or fundraising campaign purposes.
  • To inform your family members and/or authorized third parties about your academic and extracurricular performance.

In case you do not wish that your personal information is handled for any or all of the additional purposes, from this moment you can let us know at the address

Your refusal regarding the use of your personal information for additional purposes, may not be a motive to deny any of the requested services or terminate your relationship with us.


In order to comply with the aforementioned purposes or other required by law or by competent authorities, ITESM will transfer personal information as necessary to the following organizations and for the following purposes:

Third party receiving personal informationPurposeConsent
Foreing universitiesTo carry out student exchanges.Not necessary
School authoritiesTo show studies completion, grades, exams and certifications when required by Law.Not necessary
Companies that are part of the ITESM jobs bankTo offer job opportunities.Necessary
Domestic and foreign academic and not academic institutionsTo make valid the authenticity of the certificates, diplomas academic titles or grades issued in your name.Necessary
Companies, institutions and/or third parties carrying out events, contests and/or competitionsTo register in the events, contests and/or competitions in which you participate onbehalf of ITESM (student, cultural, artistic and sports activities, etc.)Not necessary
Companies that are part of ITESM´s corporate groupFor the proper performance of the legal relationships that we have with you.Not necessary
Bank institutionsTo perform the necessary payment arrangements.Not necessary
Sorteos TEC

Insurance companies
To carry out the advertising and offering of products and services.

To make insurance arrangements and/orreimbursements.

                    Not necessary
 Third party companies that executed collaboration agreements with ITESMTo carry out the advertising and offering of products and services.Necessary
 Third parties that provide you financial support (parents, tutors, etc.)To inform them regarding your academic performance and/or in case of emergency.Necessary
 Competent authoritiesIn the events foreseen by the law.Not necessary

Should you do not wish that ITESM transfers your personal information for the events that require your consent we ask you to send an e-mail to the address where you will be properly and timely assisted.

ARCO rights and/or withdraw of consent

You or your legal representative may use any of the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition rights (hereinafter “arco rights”), as well as withdraw your consent for the handling of your personal information by sending an e-mail to ITESM’s Personal Information Department to the e-mail address Accordingly, you may obtain information regarding the procedures, requirements and time periods to use your ARCO Rights and/or withdraw your consent on our website

Limitation and/or Disclosure of your information

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information by sending a request to ITESM to the address Should your request be in order you will be registered in ITESM’s exclusion list.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

ITESM will notify you of any change to your privacy notice through the link and subsequently by accessing your privacy notice.

I agree that my personal information and sensitive personal information may be handled for the primary and secondary purposes mentioned in this Privacy Notice, as well as my personal information may be transferred for the mentioned purposes.

Student enrollment number:______________________________________

Name and signature of the rights’ holder.___________________________

Última actualización: 01/10/2014