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El impacto de la investigación / Research Impact

For Tecnológico de Monterrey research is a strategic activity; it is the engine that generates innovative solutions for the economic, social and environmental development of our country.
We are committed to the idea that scientific and applied research should be used to add value to a society in a more rapid, measurable manner. We believe that there are three ways to accomplish this:

1) research to improve education

2) research to achieve innovation

3) research to transform society.

Thus, research is a key cornerstone of education, as there is a need to continuously evolve scientific and technological knowledge in our learning process.
The challenge is the use of scientific research to create value to develop a more educated society in a global world, regardless of that society’s social and economic reality.
We understand that science, technology and innovation will continue to add value to society. An innovation process is a driver for research activities and research is fundamental to innovation.

Therefore, the challenge is to enable a positive connection to bridge knowledge generation with value creation in order to address the most demanding problems humanity is facing: water, energy, environment, food security, global health, education, sustainable

growth and poverty. Scientific and applied research should transform society. Open research and innovation models are key to address these challenges with a sense of community, collective knowledge and capacity to act.
At Tecnológico deMonterrey we combine two research approaches with open international collaboration: “knowledge driven creation” and “society driven innovation”. Our researchers have a responsibility towards value creation based on our scientific research that addresses society´s demands.
But they also have to advance scientific knowledge to create new concepts, theories, and paradigms to advance the understanding of the world and the universe. We are committed to undertaking research to educate, innovate and transform in order to transcend in this lifetime.

Tecnológico de Monterrey has decided to focus this scientific activity on eight main strategic research areas, encouraging innovation, knowledge generation and knowledge transfer, with the goal of trying to solve México’s and worldwide problems.

These eight strategic areas include: biotechnology and food; mechatronics and engineering; information technology, sustainability; public policy; business; medicine; and education, the humanities and the social sciences.

Research at Tecnológico de Monterrey fosters the learning process of our students, underpins the intellectual activities of our professors, and generates knowledge and innovative solutions that address society´s demands.

Arturo Molina, PhD

Vice Rector for Research, and
Graduate Studies

Última actualización: 29/09/2016