Ciudad de Mexico



As an exchange student, you can take advantage of our many facilities to practice sports or work out. You may register to a wide range of sport activities to carry out during the semester, with no extra charge, such as:

• American football

• Soccer

• Volleyball

• Tennis

• Spinning

• Aerobics

• Yoga

• Tae Kwon Do

• Basketball

• Athletics

• Aikido

• And many more…

If you like to work out often or would like to build up physical condition, you can benefit from our gym facilities.


There are a lot of cultural activities to choose from, as a very fun and enriching way to spend your free time. You may register to courses according to your interests. We offer a variety of options, such as:

• Theater

• Singing

• Photography

• Painting

• Hip-hop

• Jazz

• Hawaiian dance

• Flamenco

• Capoeira

• African dance

• Salsa

• Among others...