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For exchange or independent students

You will be able to select from any of our regular courses, as long as you meet the prerequisites for each course. You may want to focus on an specific field or even take a little from different areas, according to your actual needs.

You will receive a tentative list of courses in English once nominated.

The final list of courses available will be sent to students accepted, one month before the starting date of the semester.

Programs and careers

Please clic on "Programas", select the career of your interest, then "programa académico" and click on the code with name "clave".
The courses you will find in these links are subject to availability at the beginning of each semester and most of them are offered only in Spanish.

Regular offer (June)

Our exchange students have the opportunity to take one or two courses, either with other Mexican students from the campus (regular offer).

For further information regarding our academic offer, please check the following link:

Customized programs designed for your university

We can also arrange a tailor made program specially for your university, you can select dates and topics of your interest

We offer three levels of spanish language:

  • Basic Spanish: (6hrs per week, 16 Mexican credits).

    This course is designed to learn about communicating personal interests, acquire reference vocabulary and properly interacting in situations that require simple and direct information Exchange. Writing notes, short and simple messages regarding immediate needs, as well as getting to know and value Latin-American culture.
  • Intermediate Spanish: (6hrs per week, 16 Mexican credits).

    Interrogative pronouns, noun gender and number; adjective agreement and position, comparatives, verb modes and tenses; reflexive verbs, verbs such as “gustar”, adverbial pronouns, use of “se” pronoun, “ser” and “estar” verbs, imperative, prepositions, student life vocabulary, hobbies, travelling, traditions and environment.
  • Advanced Spanish: (6hrs per week, 16 Mexican credits).

    Spanish statement system. Indicative and subjunctive modes. Direct object. Value and use of the infinitive, gerund and participle forms. Reflexive constructions, indefinite pronouns and adverbs. Prepositions and connectors. Articles, adjectives and adverbs. Spelling and accentuation. Interaction expressions. Idioms, proverbs and riddles. Spanish sounds articulation. Reading and writing techniques.

In addition to this, we also offer two special courses to strengthen your abilities in the language, only for advance students:

  • Communicative skills: For intermediate and advanced level students (3hrs per week, 8 Mexican credits).

    Vocabulary, daily life expressions and structures. Describing and comparing people. Describing and comparing people, stances and skills. Portrayal of people and relationships. Detailed description of inner and outer spaces. Expressions for intention, obligation, suggestion and recommendation. Temporal location. Present and past events narration. Expressions for possibility and hypothesis.
  • Business Spanish: For intermediate and advanced students (3hrs per week, 8 Mexican credits).

    This course will help you understand phrases and vocabulary related to personal and work topics, reading specific information in simple everyday texts and identifying and detecting working culture in Spanish speaking countries.

Our Campus also offers Spanish courses during Summer Programmes.

An internship may be carried out at any of the academic or administrative departments of our Campus, either during one semester or summer period (2 months during June and July). Internships during the semester may be combined with academic courses.

Documents required

1- Letter of intent indicading
Internship period: January-May and/or June-July (summer) and/or August-December.
Language in which the practice will be carried out: (Spanish and/or English).
The area or department you would like to carry out the internship:
State if you wish to register for courses as well.

2- Attach a copy of your curriculum in Spanish and/or English, according to the language of the internship

3- Regular documents for Application Process:

Total amount of hours:

a. Full time: 40 hours per week.
b. Part time: 20 hours per week.
Note: During summer time, internships are only full time (40 hours per week).

If you are already in contact with an external Company or Organization, you must contact us beforehand in order to inform you about the required documents to obtain your student visa and confirm the clearance on the internship, according to course validation.

If you are interested in having an experience in a Community in Mexico please send an e-mail to

If you need to finish your thesis you could ask for a research tutor in our Campus, please send an e-mail to