Ciudad de Mexico

Housing options

Mexico City offers a great variety of choices for all kinds of budgets.

There are mainly two types of accommodation:

- Host Family Program

- A list of available apartments off campus.

Host Family Program

If you applied for the Host Family Program, it is important that you inform your coordinator of your flight number, date and estimated time of arrival. If your plans change, please let the coordinator and the Host Family know in advance.

This service is recommended for students seeking to experience the atmosphere of a Mexican family. The student will be able to live very closely with one of the most important institutions of the Mexican culture: the family. Since it also gives the student the advantage of practicing Spanish outside the classroom.

The student will obtain an added value out of his/her trip abroad. Mexico City is home of several universities and has a considerable student population. We try to place students in family accommodations within a 10-20 minute distance from our campus. Our Office guarantees a degree of quality in the room & board services offered by the families. If a student finds a family on his or her own, we cannot intervene if any disagreements and/or disputes arise.

If you choose the Family Housing Program, your reservation will be confirmed before your arrival and the payments will have to be made directly to the family. If you are interested in the family program, please send an e-mail AT LEAST ONE MONTH BEFORE to your international coordinator.


The office only offers a list of addresses where you will find options to find an apartment or a room to rent. In order to help you locate a place to live in a nice area of the city, we provide you with the list and some indications on the neighborhoods close or a little bit further from the campus.

Once you find some options to rent in the area you are interested in, start to check the prices. The prices may vary according to the area and the facilities.

The average rent per room near the campus is between $3,500 and $4,500 pesos per month. We advice you to take a few days at your arrival to visit different apartments. It is important to know that every owner generally asks for a one or two months deposit, which has to be paid by the time the contract is signed. This is a security deposit which will be given back at the end of the contract, unless there were damages previously unregistered.  

If you stay in a hotel for a few days ...

Whichever hotel you choose, keep in mind the following:

- Leave extra cash and all valuables in the hotel’s safety boxes.

- Keep your passport and other valuable documents in the safety box as well.

- Make a copy of your passport and have it with you.

- Don’t leave jewelry, expensive electronic equipment or any other item of great value lying in your room.

- While you’re in your room, keep the door closed and leave the safety catch on.

- Never open your door to strangers nor to anyone who isn’t wearing either a hotel uniform or carrying a proper ID.

- Don’t give out your room number to strangers.

- Leave your room key at the desk; don’t take it out with you.

- Any missing item should be reported to the Hotel Manager.