Ciudad de Mexico

Other Services

Facilities and Services

The Campus is mainly conformed by buildings of different architectural styles. It has four different classroom buildings and five office buildings.

These are just some of the facilities and services that our campus offers:

- Library and digital library

- Wireless connection

- Computer labs

- Academic tutoring, counseling and professional orientation

- Indoor gymnasium with volleyball and basketball courts and locker room

- A stadium for soccer, american football, athletic track and tennis courts

- Internal security

- Cafeterias and snack shops

- Library and school supplies

- Shop

- Bank ATM’s and a Santander Bank branch

- Free transport from and to the campus (Transportec)

- Emergency Medical Service

Besides do not worry, our Orientation Session will allow you to get to know the campus and learn to find your way around.

Restaurant and places to eat on campus

The food options on Campus are of great variety and generally inexpensive. There are snack shops, a cafeteria and restaurants with different options for nutritious food :


Mexican food

Italian food (pizza), Pastas


Chinese food, Sushi

Variety of baguettes, croissants, sandwiches

There are vending machines, we have a convenience store inside the Campus and a lot of spots and places where you can get hot and cold beverages and desserts as well.

Embassies in Mexico City

- In the following link you will be able to find the addresses and telephone numbers of the different International embassies in Mexico City:


Brenda Pamela García Mora

International Students Coordinator