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What should you do if you have just arrived into Mexico City alone? Some ideas regarding what to do upon arrival are listed below: -Under no circumstances should you leave your baggage or parcel unattended. If you are traveling alone place it in a safe place (lockers are available for this purpose). Also keep your baggage in sight while you’re talking to airline clerks, exchanging money or buying souvenirs.

-If you must open your purse or wallet at a counter, keep it in front of you at all times, never set it aside, even if you must fill out a registration form or a sign a document.

-When passing thought a checkpoint, watch your purse/wallet and other belongings.

-Always hold your bag or purse firmly and keep it close to your body, especially when you’re in the baggage claim area or any other crowded place.

- Never fall asleep in a waiting room unless you’re with someone else who will stay awake and keep an eye on your belongings.

For those students who are going to live with host families, one of the members of your host family will be waiting for you at the international arrivals gate, once you meet them they will take care of the rest.

Welcome Guide

Once accepted in Campus Mexico City, you will receive by e-mail the Welcome Guide, if you want to receive it before you can request it by e-mail to


Brenda Pamela García Mora

International Students Coordinator