A Housing Option for You

There are three different options at the Monterrey Campus available for international students:

The Host Family Program

The affectionate and friendly families that participate in the Host Family Program will welcome you with open arms.

This program will allow you to experience the Mexican culture, its customs and authentic regional cuisine. Living with a host family includes sharing a room with another international student, three meals a day, housekeeping and laundry facilities.


Approximately 60% of the students in the Monterrey Campus come from other cities and countries. Fortunately, there is an abundance of rooms, houses and apartments for rent around the Campus, so it is very easy to find a place to live if you choose to stay off campus.

Students on a limited budget may find living off campus a cheaper option depending on the facilities offered, the proximity to campus, and the number of students sharing the costs.

College Residences

Enjoy a global experience while interacting with and living among students from Mexico and many other different countries. There are 16 college residence (none of which are co-ed). Seven of them are located on campus and nine are off campus, only a few blocks away. The buildings vary slightly in the accommodation options they offer.