We provide you with advice so that you can enjoy your international experience.

With our highly-qualified advisors, we will help you ensure a smooth transition process and make the best of your international experience.


Our staff will help you throughout your entire stay at our institution. Our services include:

- Emergencies and legal problems (if and when they arise) - Courses selection and registration
- Extracurricular Activities
- Accomodation

Immigration Advice

On your arrival, you will receive all the help you need to ensure your time studying here in Mexico is legal; however, it is very important that, as an international student, you bring the following documents to Mexico:

Valid passport

Proof of financial solvency (such as credit/debit card statements for the cards you will be using during your stay in Mexico)

Medical Insurance Advice

All independent students will be required to purchase the medical insurance offered by the Tecnológico de Monterrey. The validity of the policy will depend on the date you provide (which must be, at least, from the official arrival day) and the day you leave Mexico, The International Student Service Officer will help you acquire and purchase this insurance.