There are three options when it comes to housing options.

Do you need more information about housing? Claudia Ugalde, our Housing and Logistics Coordinator can help you. Contact her at

Independent Apartment

There are many apartments nearby the campus and the rent varies from 200 USD to 400 USD per month, depending on the services offered and the location. Students are responsible for contacting the owner of the apartment. Our lawyer is available for reviewing the housing legal documents. If interested in this option you can visit our official housing website HERE.

Host Family

Living with a Host Family is the option we recommend to our international students on their first visit to Mexico. The cost includes basic services such as water, electricity and Internet. Students are also provided with laundry services and three meals. Host families live within 7 kilometers off campus. This is the perfect opportunity for students to practice Spanish and to completely immerse in Mexican Culture while being both, independent and safe. Students and families are matched according to their particular needs. If you are interested in this option, visit our HOST FAMILY WEBSITE, to fill the required questionnaire.

University Dorms/Residence Halls

Residence Halls are brand new and have strict curfew policies and other regulations that may differ from the traditional dorms. Students interested in living in the Residence Halls should apply one year in advance.