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  • "The school has new and up-to-date technology, making the classroom an effective learning environment so that students can excel."

    Oliver Grant – UT at Arlington, USA

  • “I love the city of Cuernavaca and the Tec de Monterrey. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!”

    Sharon Lynn Smith- North American, Purdue University, USA,

  • "Since I have been in Mexico, I have developed a strong appreciation for Mexican culture and this appreciation will help me as I grow older. The memories that I will keep of Mexico are fond and I hope to one day return.”

    Peter Nakamura - South Korean/ Queen’s University, Canada

About Us

The Cuernavaca Campus was founded in 1980 and is one of the 26 campuses that form part of the Tecnológico de Monterrey system. The Cuernavaca Campus moved to a brand new home in 2008. The campus is a highly modern, fully equipped facility with private security. With an enrollment of more than 2,000 students per semester, the campus helps its students to grow professionally by maintaining a close relationship with both students and faculty members.

Furthermore, the campus has a steady international enrollment from universities around the globe, offering a fascinating multicultural environment in which students from more than 24 countries are invited to actively participate in both campus life and Mexican society. The Tecnológico de Monterrey is committed to helping its students, staff and faculty to develop on both a personal and professional basis. The Tecnológico de Monterrey operates from an ideology that the institution, its students, teachers and graduates should function in an effort to contribute to the community around us. This is why the Social Service Program was created. Currently there are more than 25 different on-going projects in local communities. The Program aids the community in many different ways, for instance through hosting free computer lessons, teaching English or offering health education. You, as an international student, can help make a difference too. For example, you can visit a school for blind children or help out at an informative session.

The campus specializes in teaching Spanish as a Second Language and culture in Mexico. The Tecnológico de Monterrey is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees.

Reasons to Study at the Cuernavaca Campus:
1. Internationalization
2. Social
3. Personalized Attention
4. A Long Tradition of teaching Spanish as a Second Language
5. Outstanding Location and the Best Weather

One of the Tecnológico Monterrey’s major commitments is guaranteeing the academic quality of its educational programs. As such, the Tecnológico de Monterrey periodically requests accreditation agencies to ratify its programs on both an academic and an institutional level. The Tecnológico de Monterrey has received both national and international accreditations, including from SACS.

The campus is fully equipped to cover all of our students’ and faculty members’ needs, ensuring optimal teaching and learning conditions. Our facilities include areas for research, science, technology, communication, laboratories, an extensive computer lab, Wi-Fi connection throughout the campus, a library, conference rooms and a photocopying center.


Campus Cuernavaca

Enjoy the city of eternal spring