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  • I highly recommend an exchange program at Tec de Monterrey, I would not trade this experience for anything.

    Kevin Junker
    European University of Applied Science

  • Clases are very active; there´s a lot of discussion, teamwork and presentations that make the courses very interesting and much more dinamic.

    Charlotte Altmeyer
    Maastricht University
    The Netherlands

  • Only one word can describe this experience, GREAT. Tec Campus Guadalajara is full of dreams, many goals, immovable purpose, trust and willingness to improve the future.

    Nannette Serrano
    Universidad Interamericana de
    Puerto Rico

Greetings from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara!

We are pleased that you are interested in our campus. Through this site you’ll find the information regarding our institution, the academic opportunities we offer for visiting international students, and the extra academic activities you can carry out while you’re with us. Also, you’ll learn about the different services you’ll require for your exchange experience in Guadalajara.
We invite you to explore the site and once you’re ready, join more than 200 students that every semester decide to live a lifetime experience studying at one of the best universities in Latin America.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Campus Guadalajara

Founded in 1991, the Campus Guadalajara is located in the northwest outskirts of the city. Something remarkable about the Campus is the good balance between the green areas and the modern buildings, which combine in perfect harmony to bring a fresh and friendly learning atmosphere.
This Campus is always evolving based on the student’s needs, in order for them to have better facilities for an enriched and complete education process and life. It has based the futuristic design of its buildings on the most recent technological developments.

Campus Guadalajara has earned national and international prestige due to the quality of its academic programs and facilities. The Business School is ranked as the #1 in Mexico, and was recognized for having the largest number of programs certified by national and international associations.

Campus Guadalajara

A distinctive element of Campus Guadalajara has been the offering of diverse facilities to all of its students. As a registered student you can use all on-Campus facilities during service hours, such as:
- Classrooms
- Library (On-line catalogue, digital library, newspaper library, video library, specialized data bases, collaborative work rooms, individual study area)
- Outdoor facilities
- Cafeterias and snacks
- Parking lot
- Sport facilities
- Computer lab
- Campus-wide wireless network
- Debate room and oral trade room
- Auditoriums and a Convention Centre
- Cultural workshops
- Academic tutoring, counselling and professional orientation
- Emergency medical service
- Web based academic platforms

Some of our outstanding academic facilities include:
- CDA - Advanced Design Centre
- Robotics Lab
- CIEF - Consulting, Business and Financial Research Centre
- Art and Media Centre
- PCiTEC - Technological Park

Campus Guadalajara also offers you several cultural and sports facilities.

Guadalajara “The Pearl of the West”

“The Pearl of the West” is the affectionate name that the local residents have for Mexico´s second largest city: Guadalajara. Founded in 1542 and with an estimated population of over 5 million people, Guadalajara is the capital of the State of Jalisco and source of some of the best-known Mexican exports: pottery, handcrafted wood furniture, tequila, and mariachi music, among others.

Many local and regional customs and traditions have become national symbols. Mariachi music, tequila, charreadas (Mexican rodeo), broad-brimmed hats, and its regional cuisine are but a few of them. Guadalajara offers its visitors a vibrant culture, interesting museums, exciting nightlife, great food and a pleasant weather. It is a city with a great balance between tradition and modern lifestyle

Due to its privileged location, major touristic attractions may be easily reached by bus:
- Mountainous towns, such as Tapalpa and Mazamitla
- Chapala Lake (the largest in Mexico)
- Beautiful colonial cities such as San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Morelia, and Zacatecas
- Beach towns, such as Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta and others in the Pacific Ocean coastline

Guadalajara is known for its mild climate, and its metropolitan area is famous for the wide diversity of its productive sector: electronics, furniture, shoes, food and beverage, auto parts, agro industry, chemical and pharmaceutical, and arts and crafts. Important industrial parks have opened in the last years where several significant international firms are already established.

According to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) magazine by the Financial Times Group (2007), Guadalajara was the highest ranking major Mexican city. Guadalajara had the second strongest economic potential of any major North American city and only Chicago scored more highly for sheer economic potential. Guadalajara's youthful population, low unemployment and large number of recent foreign investment deals are good indicators that Mexico's second largest city has a bright future.


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