Exchange Program student are those who apply through an existing agreement between their university and el Tecnológico de Monterrey. In order to be able to apply for this program you must be nominated by your Study Abroad coordinator. In most cases, the college fee is paid directly at their home universities.

Independent Program student are those who do not need an agreement between their home university and Tecnológico de Monterrey since all tuition fees must be paid directly to Tecnológico de Monterrey. You can review our requirements at the Admission Requirements section.

At the Tecnológico de Monterrey, only medical students may take part in a clinical rotation, which consists of practical programs at one of our hospitals or clinics.

You can choose your study period depending on whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student:


Semester: January – May
Summer: June – July
Semester: August – December


Quarter: January – April
Quarter: April – July
Summer: July – August
Quarter: September – December

Accommodation options vary from campus to campus. Please check the Services section and select the Accommodation option in order to learn more.

There are generally three different types of accommodation:
- Accommodation at college residences (campuses that offer this option).
- Accommodation with a host family (there is a selection of Mexican families with whom you can live).
- Independent accommodation (you are responsible for finding your own accommodation. The campuses can suggest some options).