EGADE Business School tops Eduniversal's Latin America ranking for the 7th year

Dec 19, 2014

The EGADE Business School ranks number one among business schools in Mexico and Latin America for the 7th year in the 2014 Eduniversal Ranking. The Tecnológico de Monterrey's business school also made the top 28 of the best schools worldwide classified by region. Ver más

Tec de Monterrey researchers keen to jump-start underprivileged region with dragon fruit

Dec 19, 2014

In an effort to improve living conditions in this part of the country, a group of Tecnológico de Monterrey researchers are developing an agricultural project that hopes to turn dragon fruit into a means for triggering growth in the State of Puebla. Ver más

MIT and Tecnológico de Monterrey to collaborate on nanoscience and nanotechnology

Dec 19, 2014

In keeping with its Research for transforming lives commitment, the Tecnológico de Monterrey is making strides in strengthening its innovative ability with a historical agreement signed October 31 with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT-. The long-term partnership will support nanoscience and nanotechnology research and education programs, and includes access to MIT's new facility: MIT.nano. Ver más

Tec alumni receive 2014 Red Dot Design Award for family interaction entry

Dec 19, 2014

Three Tecnológico de Monterrey Guadalajara Campus alumni were honored in the Interactive Design Concept category for their "Family Channel" project, an initiative that would maintain elderly individuals in permanent contact with family and friends by using their TV as a message interface. Ver más

UNESCO-ICDE open LA liaison office at Tec de Monterrey

Dec 19, 2014

The aim is to tap the university's tech resources and its faculty's work to narrow the educational divide. The office -to operate in a Chair format- will be headed by Tecnológico de Monterrey researchers and will reinforce academic competencies through workshops, seminars, and academic and postgraduate stays. Driving research and high impact publication is another goal of the distance learning movement. Ver más

Public transformation doesn't rest solely on the government, says Alejandro Poiré

Dec 19, 2014

The Dean of the School of Government and Public Transformation spoke on the Tecnológico de Monterrey School's strategy, that has begun to undergo significant changes this year, with a new name, programs focusing on social policies, economics, public entrepreneurship, international law, urban transformation, and social innovation, and a faculty that includes savvy leaders and political strategists to turn out the best professionals who will help transform the country from the public stage. Ver más

Humanitarian work for a better Mexico is honored with the Luis Elizondo Award

Dec 19, 2014

The winners of the Tecnológico de Monterrey 2014 Luis Elizondo Humane Award -Dr. Julio Everardo Sotelo in the Humane Scientific and Tech Category; the Instituto Cultural Valle de Ameca in the Humanitarian Category; and the Bioengineering Students Student Association, in the Humanitarian for Student Associations Categories- were presented the award by President Salvador Alva. Ver más

René Hooft Graafland declares integration as key to a successful acquisition

Dec 19, 2014

Heineken CFO and Member of the Executive Board René Hooft Graafland stated at the EGADE Business School Monterrey that FEMSA Cerveza's integration has boosted the company's profitability and good practices. Ver más

Stefano Bigliardi to lecture on Islam at Hampshire College

Dec 19, 2014

The Tecnológico de Monterrey Santa Fe Campus High School professor was invited by Hampshire College's Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies to give various lectures on Islam to its college community in December. Ver más

Tec de Monterrey invites all to make reading a detonator for social change

Dec 19, 2014

Tecnológico de Monterrey Dean David Noel Ramírez called for making reading a detonator for critical thought and freedom of speech in citizens, and a means of expressing and writing ideas that will transform Mexican society. That was his message when opening the 24th Monterrey International Book Fair 2014, to be held October 11-19. Ver más

'La Tlapalería' unveils designs in London

Oct 17, 2014

The artistic collective La Tlapalería, made up of Tecnológico de Monterrey Guadalajara Campus students, presented 'Sabor a Mí', the third collection it takes to the UK. It is inspired in iconic Mexican flavors, reinterpreted with handcrafted objects given an international design treatment. Ver más

Tec de Monterrey and University of Ottawa researchers uncover compounds unique to Blue Corn

Oct 17, 2014

Studying the nutritional properties of this corn variety, a team of Tecnológico de Monterrey and University of Ottawa researchers discovered that it has huge antioxidant health properties. This launches a new line of research that could lead to major health breakthroughs for Mexicans and Canadians, who also grow this type of corn. Ver más

Isabel Studer invited to join ND-GAIN advisory board

Oct 17, 2014

Tecnológico de Monterrey researcher Dr. Isabel Studer has joined the University of Notre Dame's ND-GAIN Advisory Board. ND-GAIN is the main index ranking the readiness of the world's countries to manage risks arising from climate change. Ver más

Impulso Urbano honored as a community driver

Oct 17, 2014

The social program 'Impulso Urbano' (Urban Drive) was awarded the Public Interest Design Award presented for the first time in Mexico by the École Spécial d'Arquitecture, Design Corps and SEED to those projects that harness design to improve communities' living conditions. Ver más

UT San Antonio receives Tec de Monterrey science ambassadors

Oct 8, 2014

Research on semiconductors, geometric calculus, algorithms, luminescence, nanoalloys, neurons, cell neurophysiology, multiple sclerosis, and cancer are the projects 11 Tecnológico de Monterrey students worked on over the summer with University of Texas at San Antonio faculty. Their efforts won them recognition as pioneers of a collaboration program. Ver más

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