Yale students partner with Tec de Monterrey Puebla for social work

Aug 29, 2014

Using Yale University globally proven methodologies, a group of Yale students took part in two Tec de Monterrey projects in Puebla, one aimed at jump-starting the dragon fruit trade and another at working with Volkswagen to determine trades helpful to producers at two Puebla communities in exporting their products and building a talent pool. Ver más

Tec alumni receive Fulbright-García Robles scholarship from U.S.-Mexico governments

Aug 29, 2014

Thirteen Tecnológico de Monterrey alumni receive the scholarship to pursue graduate studies and research in the United States starting in the fall. Ver más

Taking science on the road

Aug 29, 2014

Tecnológico de Monterrey Puebla Campus and Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla students have embarked on a scientific road trip with the Urban Articulated Transportation Network -RUTA-. With a mix of humor and circus acts, the students seek to combat the general public's disinterest in science and technology. Ver más

3-in-1 communication device developed

Aug 29, 2014

OneSense is a device developed by Tecnológico de Monterrey Guadalajara Campus Electronic Technology Engineering students. The device will aid people visually, hearing, or speaking-impaired, as it communicates in Braille, text, and voice. Ver más

Ernesto Zedillo, PhD., meets with Tec de Monterrey honor students at Yale

Aug 29, 2014

The former Mexican President and current Director of Yale University's Center for the Study of Globalization met with 32 outstanding Tecnológico de Monterrey students who are taking summer courses at that prestigious educational institution. Ver más

Family planning app created

Aug 29, 2014

For all its seemingly everyday presence in couples' lives, many are unaware of the importance of keeping track of menstrual periods and fertility days as a method of conception. Three Tecnológico de Monterrey Chihuahua Campus students devised an app around the idea, which led to their being chosen by a Silicon Valley-based Latino startup accelerator. Ver más

Underwater robot created to explore Mexico’s reefs

Jul 11, 2014

Tecnológico de Monterrey Puebla Campus students designed an underwater survey robot which will allow scientists to determine the current state of Mexico's reefs, but also be used for recreation and entertainment purposes. Ver más

MOOCs sound the alarm for the 20th century's more conservative education styles

Jul 11, 2014

Universidad Tecmilenio Center-South Region Vice Chancellor Enrique Tamés, PhD., considers massive open online courses -known as MOOCs- as the tip of the iceberg of changes that loom on the horizon for education. Ver más

Sustainable mass-customization design paper wins award in Italy

Jul 11, 2014

A group of Tecnológico de Monterrey researchers, headed by Prof. David Romero, has won the Best Paper Award at the ICE International Conference on Engineering, Innovation, and Technology Management held in Bergamo, Italy. Ver más

Daniel Jacobo transforms vegetal waste into chemical compounds

Jul 11, 2014

Tecnológico de Monterrey alumnus and professor Daniel Jacobo -also one of Technology Review's 10 innovators under 35- has earned kudos for his work in extracting bioactive compounds like shikimic acid -used in Tamiflu- or resveratrol -a compound that could potentially help in preventing cardiovascular disease- without resorting to genetic modification. Ver más

Practicing academic medicine means educating, creating, and innovating, says Guillermo Torre

Jul 11, 2014

Tecnológico de Monterrey TecSalud Rector Dr. Guillermo Torre has been inducted as a new Numerary Academic Member of Mexico's National Academy of Medicine, in Cardiology. It is a significant distinction, as he is the only doctor in Nuevo León State to boast it. Dr. Torre also was the ceremony's keynote speaker. Ver más

'Abby' wins them the Santander Business Innovation Award

Jul 11, 2014

"Abby" is a game device developed by a group of Guadalajara youths that was named the winner of the Santander Business Innovation Award in the Business Projects with Social Impact category. Ver más

Internet users worldwide enjoy Tecnológico de Monterrey's Cultural Trove

Jul 11, 2014

On average, 1,800 people, mainly web users in China, the U.S., and Mexico, but also from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, France, and Argentina access graduate research, education innovation papers, or historical photographs that the Tecnológico de Monterrey's Cultural Trove shares with the world via the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library. Ver más

The global culture of soccer, dissected in 11 chapters

Jul 11, 2014

Tecnológico de Monterrey Querétaro Campus professor Tamir Bar-On, PhD., scrutinizes nationalism, totalitarian regimes, religion, ethics, and even marketing as components of the sport in his 11 chapter book: "The World Through Soccer: The Cultural Impact of a Global Sport". Ver más

Five Tec de Monterrey students and alumni are Mexico's top innovators

Jul 11, 2014

For the third consecutive year, MIT Technology review honors the new class of Mexican youths with greatest talent and the most original and significant tech projects in the country. Five of the 10 Innovators Under 35 singled out are Tecnológico de Monterrey students and alumni Ver más

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18 de septiembre

Conferencia "Renewable eneregy: Is Mexico ready for the next big disruption?"

EGADE Business School a través del Instituto Global para la Sostenibilidad invitan a la Conferencia "Renewable eneregy: Is Mexico ready for the next big disruption?" que será impartida por Sherife AbdelMessih, Director Ejecutivo de Future Energy Corporation el jueves 18 de septiembre a las 17:00 horas en el Aula Magna 01 del Campus Ciudad de México. Información:

14 de septiembre

Gran Final del XXXIX Festival de la Canción

El Tecnológico de Monterrey invita a la Gran Final del XXXIX Festival de la Canción a realizarse el domingo 14 de septiembre a las 18:00 horas en el Auditorio Luis Elizondo del Campus Monterrey. Información:

12 de septiembre

Borregos Salvajes vs. Aztecas UDLAP

Este viernes 12 de septiembre apoya a los Borregos Salvajes vs. Aztecas UDLAP, el partido se llevará a cabo en el Estadio Tec a las 19:00 horas. ¡No faltes! Información:

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El Tecnológico de Monterrey cumple 71 años y en el Campus Guadalajara se festejó con pastel y diversas actividades.

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