Tecnológico de Monterrey and CFE agree to collaborate on training and research

Mar 17, 2015

Tecnológico de Monterrey President Salvador Alva and Comisión Federal de Electricidad General Director Enrique Ochoa signed an agreement for collaborative training, consulting, and applied research which also contemplates scholarships for CFE employees and internships for undergraduate and graduate students. Ver más

Mexican quantum computing pioneer ventures to answer nature's mysteries

Mar 17, 2015

Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Engineering and Sciences researcher Salvador E. Venegas-Andraca, PhD. heads a team of computer scientists whose proposal was declared the winner in a NASA contest to try out the world's most advanced quantum computer. Dr. Venegas-Andraca leads Mexico's only quantum algorithm research group, which will participate in initiatives developed in the nanoscience field as a result of the Tecnológico de Monterrey-MIT collaboration agreement. Ver más

Scott Munguía's Biofase, poised to be Mexico's leading bioplastics company

Mar 17, 2015

With a plant that will produce 40% of the biodegradable bioplastics for consumer goods, Tecnológico de Monterrey Chemical Engineering and Management student Scott Munguía will make his Biofase company Mexico's number one manufacturer of this product. Ver más

EGADE Business School honored for outstanding Disruptive Innovation Festival showing

Mar 17, 2015

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which stages the Disruptive Innovation Festival, singled out the Tecnológico de Monterrey's EGADE Business School for having had the greatest number of participants –students and professors- at the 2014 international design, business and education innovation festival. Ver más

Alumnus' 'Pepewates' wins him entrepreneurship award

Mar 10, 2015

Newly minted Tecnológico de Monterrey Saltillo Campus alumnus José Antonio López won second place at the Entrepreneur Student Award with his natural snack company, started in his kitchen and now available nationwide. In the ceremony held at the Mexican Stock Exchange, Tec alumni Moisés Medina and Scott Munguía also shined with, respectively, a third place showing and a first place in the Social Responsibility Category. Ver más

Tec de Monterrey student probes polymer nanotube cranial implants

Mar 9, 2015

Tecnológico de Monterrey PhD student Marcelo Lozano is studying a new alternative to implant materials using modified polymers to develop biocompatible prosthesis for victims of skull, jaw, and cheekbone injuries. Ver más

Google grants to make possible muscle scanner and web app analysis

Mar 9, 2015

Projects submitted by Tecnológico de Monterrey professor/researchers Moisés Alencastre, PhD., and Raúl Monroy, PhD., were awarded Google Faculty Research Awards 2014, which will fund the development of their projects in virtual reality and information systems security, respectively. Ver más

Perusing the evolution of the book

Mar 2, 2015

The Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus hosted the Second Latin American SHARP Regional Conference: Print through the Ages: Writing, Reading, and Readers (15th -21st centuries) March 3-6, with scholars from several countries speaking on print and electronic books. In addition, four keynote conferences, plenary sessions, and an exhibition of antique books at the Cervantina Library were featured. Ver más

Building better businesses with Legos

Mar 2, 2015

The Tecnológico de Monterrey's Executive Education and Outreach organized the 'Building a Better Business Using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method' workshop and talk by Per Kristiansen, attended by 130 Mexico City CEOs, managers, and executives. Next certification is April 13 at the Santa Fe Campus. Ver más

First road map for measuring logistics progress in Mexico created

Mar 2, 2015

The 'Distribution logistics benchmark and best practices in Mexico' study, led by Tecnológico de Monterrey EGADE Business School professor/researcher Eric Porras, PhD., is the first of its kind in Mexico, offering an outlook of the logistics processes at the country's main consumer companies, their best practices, and areas of opportunity. Ver más

Tec de Monterrey students take to the sea in MATE Competition

Mar 2, 2015

TecXotic, a multi-disciplinary team of Tecnológico de Monterrey Cuernavaca Campus students, is readying for the ‘2015 MATE Competition: Science and Industry in the Arctic'. Its entry: a submarine ROV capable of carrying out multiple tasks underwater. Ver más

Researching food consumption in Mexico

Mar 2, 2015

Understanding what comes into play when making food choices in the globalization process context in order to identify market opportunities and develop business strategies based on consumer preferences and patterns is the goal of the Tec de Monterrey's Consumer Behavior Research Group. It aims to address one of Mexico's great challenges: excess weight and obesity. Ver más

Bioreactor developed for treating tequila industry effluent

Feb 23, 2015

A project led by Tecnológico de Monterrey Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean researchers, in synergy with the Universidad de Guadalajara and SELFTEC and Safe Environment companies, designs and develops an innovative pre-treatment process for tequila ‘vinaza' and an upflow anaerobic reactor leading to less contaminated water. Ver más

Technical universities play a decisive role in a country's development, says John Reed

Feb 23, 2015

During his participation in the 2015 Advisors' Meeting: ‘Future leaders, inspiring professors', John S. Reed, Chairman Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), noted that it is at the universities where the science and technology that move the world today has been built, emphasizing the chance to establish greater collaboration, thus generating opportunities and development. Ver más

Advisors listen to Tec's fruits

Feb 23, 2015

One of the Tecnológico de Monterrey's main contributions to society is its alumni. At the 2015 Advisors' Meeting: ‘Leaders of the future, inspiring professors', a new window opened called TEC Talks, in which 13 leading alumni shared their life stories and their insights for those following in their wake. Ver más


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